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How to change your accent?

Accents are a learned set of rules that we apply from our native language to our target language. Pronunciation rules CAN be relearned in less than 90 days.

How long do sessions usually last?

Sessions usually last 60 minutes. In this time, I will explain what you do, what you need to do, we will make sure you hear the before/after of a target sound, and we have additional conversational practice in every class.

What is your cancellation policy?

I know that life can ... happen. To ensure the smooth running of all sessions and to maintain a consistent learning experience for all students, we have implemented the following cancellation policy

How many sessions do I need for accent reduction?

Most students need to work on between 5 and 10 sounds. As the common pace is 1 sound per session, you can expect to have between 6 and 12 sessions.

Is accent reduction permanent?

Yes, it is permanent - as long as you put in the work and practice at least 20 minutes per day.

How and where will we meet?

All sessions are 100% remote and we meet via Google Meet. You don't need any additional software, it works from any browser (laptop, tablet or mobile) and it is simple to use.

Do you offer any resources or materials to supplement the sessions?

Absolutely - you will get practice worksheets and audio files to get fast-track your practice with any package you choose.

What payment options are available?

All payments are processed via Stripe - a credit card payment gateway. Any credit card works, and you will get a receipt via email immediately after the payment is completed. You can pay as you go, for every session individually, OR, if you would like to get a discount, you might want to opt for a package of 6 sessions.

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Step-by-Step PDF Guide: Improve Your American English Accent

I’ll show you the 7 actionable steps you can do to eliminate your non-native English speaker accent, so you can start sounding more native-like in less than 90 days, easily!