Expat Loses Accent in English

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How an Indian-Born Expat Overcame Language Barriers and Achieved Career Success in 3 Months

Amir moved to the United States 3 years ago. He got a job in the IT sector, however, he struggled with his accent. Despite using a few language learning apps, he couldn’t improve the way he sounded and felt self-conscious and excluded in his workplace and personal life. That’s when he came to me for accent reduction sessions.

In only 12 sessions, we worked on improving his rhythm and pronunciation through a customized plan that addressed his specific needs and goals. With tailored guidance and motivation, Amir gained confidence and was able to express himself more clearly and effectively during meetings and conversations.

As a result of his language improvement, Amir achieved career success beyond his expectations. He was promoted to senior IT manager in his company, received a raise of $7,500, and he no longer stresses about his business meetings. 

What Amir took away from working with me:

sessions to success
salary increase
$ 1

"Worth every single dollar!"

I used to feel embarrassed and insecure about my accent, but Nikola helped me to embrace it and turn it into an asset.
Khaled Tanjabi
successful young man who has improved his accent
a successful young woman who is more confident because of accent reduction sessions

"I don't feel judged anymore!"

I used to sit at my desk, look at that Zoom window, waiting for the meeting to start and hoping to God that I don't get asked to speak. Not anymore!
Francesca Dufraisne

I used to avoid speaking English in social situations because of my accent and fear of making mistakes. But working with Nikola changed everything. I gained confidence in my speaking skills and learned how to express myself more naturally. My accent has also improved significantly! I’m now able to communicate with ease in any situation, and it feels amazing.


Maria Hernandez

SEO specialist

I had always struggled with pronunciation, and it made me feel insecure and frustrated. But Nikola helped me to identify my specific pronunciation issues and taught me how to correct them. I now feel more confident and comfortable speaking English, and my coworkers have even complimented me on my improved accent.


Milan Djordjević

iOS developer

Before working with Nikola, I had trouble following conversations and understanding complex English sentences. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my limitations. Nikola was patient and understanding, and helped me to improve my comprehension skills. I’m now able to understand and participate in conversations with ease, and I feel much more confident in my abilities.


Fatima Hajji



Step-by-Step PDF Guide: Improve Your American English Accent

I’ll show you the 7 actionable steps you can do to eliminate your non-native English speaker accent, so you can start sounding more native-like in less than 90 days, easily!