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You should be able to effectively voice your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Your accent shouldn't hold you back.

I am Nikola – the Creator of the Intonetic Method. 

As an English teacher and a Certified Accent Reduction Coach, I had the chance to speak to thousands of students in the last 10 years who shared a common experience. 

At school, they were given no opportunities to speak. Their teachers viewed grammar as the most important aspect of English. Not a single mention of pronunciation or accent. 

They all felt frustrated because although they were fluent, they sounded foreign and had a noticeable accent. They didn’t sound the way they wanted, and were either laughed at, or constantly asked where they were from. This made them feel self-conscious and excluded.

So far, I have helped over 6,500 non-native English speakers sound more fluent, nuanced, and confident. They were able to neutralize their accents and see that changing the way they sounded was possible

If you want to finally sound native-like, improve your confidence while speaking English, be able to precisely communicate your thoughts, impress your colleagues, or excel in your career, book your free consultation today.

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Step-by-Step PDF Guide: Improve Your American English Accent

I’ll show you the 7 actionable steps you can do to eliminate your non-native English speaker accent, so you can start sounding more native-like in less than 90 days, easily!